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Hope Over Discouragement

Hope Over Discouragement

In a world often shrouded in the darkness of despair and discouragement, "Hope Over Discouragement" emerges as a beacon of light, offering daily doses of Biblical hope. The devotional speaks hope to those in need by drawing inspiration and insight from the eternal promise of Jesus as the Hope of the world. 


The authors—three sisters united in one purpose—compile their diverse insights to help illuminate the path for those wandering in the shadows of despair. Each page is designed to pierce through the gloom of discouragement and defeatism, inviting readers into a 31-day journey toward the Light.


As you turn these pages, let the thought of hope for each day guide you toward the brighter, eternal, Hope-filled Light that no darkness can overcome. "Hope Over Discouragement" is not just a book; it's a friend-with-a-flashlight for anyone seeking to find their way to Hope.


This easy-to-read devotional for men and women is designed to:

  • Encourage you that while seasons of discouragement come to all people, there is Hope to move forward and progress in life, work, and faith.
  • Stir up hope for growth over a 31-day journey out of discouragement
  • Increase your ability to see the Hope of the World even in dark times through short daily readings and follow-up journaling to record your personal insights.
  • Renew trust in God to lead you to a hope-filled day


This Bible-rich book is ideal for those who need a reminder of God’s hope through discouraging seasons of:

  • Job loss
  • Health crisis
  • Marital struggles
  • Family difficulties
  • Relational hurts
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Seasons of transition
  • Unfortunate events


This devotional includes:

  • 31 days of Bible-based devotions
  • Daily scripture, devotion, and personal reflection journaling space
  • A presentation page to gift the devotional to a friend


The Hope Over Discouragement devotional has a presentation page in the front and makes an excellent gift to encourage a friend who could use extra hope in their life. Pick up several copies of Hope Over Discouragement and have them on hand as a Hope-spreader to give to a friend, family member, or co-worker during their time of need.


Whether you gift Hope Over Discouragement or pick it up for yourself, daily doses of God’s hope will begin to shine through inevitable dark seasons and help lead the way to a brighter day.

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